Katsa Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We started our active role in producing and selling olive oil in 1932 by planting our first olive grove in the fertile ground of Achaia Peloponnese (South West Greece). After War World II and having 13 years of experience we followed our upward track in producing olive oil and planting new olive trees.

Katsa First Cold Pressed - Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes specifically from Koroneiki cultivar olive trees and it's highly praised for it's exquisite taste and texture.

The harvest begins in early November when the fruit is still green and unripe. These olives have been proved to have the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols, essential to boost the immune system and to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

An early harvest produces unripe olives which are pressed into ‘’agureleo’’ (early harvest olive oil) that is young and vibrant with strong flavour and very low acidity. This type of olive oil is mainly used in salads or eaten raw.

A harvest from the same trees at a later stage will give us ‘’eleolado‘’ (mid harvest olive oil) which is smoother and more mellow with a milder flavour. This type of olive oil may be used in salads also but it is more generally suited to cooking and baking.
The microclimate conditions, the sea breeze, the stony ground, the soil elements, the dry cultivation, the lack of any kind of industrial plants near the area and the long-aged trees allow us to produce excellent olive oil with unique characteristics, taste and nutritional ingredients.

Katsa First Cold Pressed - Extra Virgin Olive Oil is aromatic and strongly flavoured perfect for enjoying in it's natural raw taste or added at the end of cooking.

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