Traditional Mediterranean Pie Handmade

Box: 6pcs x 5trays 2KG // 10KG

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No Artificial Colours Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Rspo

Ingredients: DOUGH (55%): wheat flour (gluten, citric acid, ascorbic acid), water, salt, sunflower oil. FILLING: (46%) filling cheese (75%) {mizithra cheese (whey from goat's and sheep's milk) (45%), goat cheese (goat milk, rennet, culture) (8%), cow's cheese (cow's milk, rennet, culture) (8%), yoghurt (cow's milk, cream of milk, culture), water, semolina (wheat), salt, black pepper}, red pepper, green pepper, tomato, olives, salt, oregano, black pepper.
Allergies: This product may contain traces of: peanuts, nuts sand sesame seeds, celery, soy, mustard, eggs.
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